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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Question



What jobs can I qualify for after completing the CEHRS Certification Course.

Please click this link for sample jobs


What are the advantages of having the CEHRS certification?

Improve your skills for better employment prospects and more market.  Convenient on-line course rapid advancement.  Help stand apart in a competitive job  saves you time and driving expenses. The CEHRS is an excellent certification for for medical and healthcare professionals since EHRs have been mandated by the federal government for any physicians billing though Medicare and Medicaid.


Is there an application fee?  If yes, how much is it?

Yes, $50 non-refundable.


What is the cost of the course?

The investment for the course is $1150 for online and $2150.00 for on-ground (in class), which includes the application fee ($50.00), and the certification fees ($150.00).


Where can I send my check or money order?

PHICON Corporation

P.O. Box 2822

Atlanta GA 30102


Is there a payment plan available?

After the $50.00 registration fee has been paid, the remaining balance is paid over 8-14 equal weekly installments. There is no interest on the payment plan.


What is the length of the course?

The on-line course is 10 weeks long with 120 hours of instruction.  The on-site course is 3 weeks which is comprised of 40 hours in classroom.

How often does the course start (When is it)?

A new course starts every other month.


When will the certificate be issued?

The certificate will be issued within 30 days of completing course / exam requirements.


Is there a discount for group enrollment?

Yes.  Groups of 5 students and more can request a 10% discount, and 10 or more can request a 20% discount for the group.


Who will teach the course?

PHICON Institute for Health Informatics have seasoned course instructors and facilitators, who are  very knowledgeable in the field of Health informatics.  Facilitators include physicians, nurses Informaticists and other well trained professionals.


If I don’t pass the course the first time, how much will it cost to re-take the course or re-take the test?

To retake the course a 2nd time, the cost is a nominal fee of $350.00.


What is the job market like for this type of certification?


The federal government has mandated the “meaningful use” of Electronic Health Records by 2015 and many hospitals and clinics already have embraced Electronic Health Records.  Health Care is also a high growth industry due to the baby-boom and health care reform.  The CEHRS is a good way to set yourself apart in a competitive job market.


What qualifications do I need to enroll?

The minimum prerequisite for the CEHRS course is a High School Certificate or GED. Students must be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel and be able to navigate the internet. Lastly, students must be proficient enough to read and write in English.


Are there any scholarships

Yes.  Scholarships are available to those who can show a need and will be assessed on an individual basis.


How can we qualify for student’s loan?

Apply for student loans at the following websites: --


What is “Meaningful Use” ?

Meaningful Use basically means requirements that the Electronic Health Records need to meet in order for Physicians to get “credit” (by gaining financial incentives and avoiding Centers of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement penalties) for adopting Health Information Technology in a way that produces meaningful results in terms of improving outcomes, lower costs, etc.


What is the minimum age for enrolling in the course?


 The minimum age to take the course is 18 years.

Is this course offered on-line or face to face in classroom?           

Both!  - Arrangements have been made to offer the course both online and in-person.



If I get WIA funding can I take the course on line?

At this time the WIA funding only applies only to the “on-ground” course.


Do I have to be a resident of GA to take the course?

You do not need to be a GA resident to take the CEHRS course. You can take this course from any country in the world once you have a computer and internet connection.


Can I take this course from an international location?

Yes.  The course can be taken from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.


Can a group course be delivered in our offices?

It’s possible.  Arrangements will have to be made between you and the course organizer. Call the PHICON institute of Health Informatics at Office (800) 713-9925 Ext 8 to discuss requirements.

Are there any discounts on the course fees?

 Yes.  If you pay in full, please ask for a 10% discount.


Is PHICON Corporation certified to teach teach this course?

Yes, The PHICON Corporation is certified by the National Healthcareers Association to teach this course.